Circa 1850

Canadian Settlers circa 1850

The following emigrated from South Tolsta to Canada:

  • John Nicolson, his wife Anne and children John, Mary, Kenneth and Donald.(1855) and settled in Whitton
  • John Murray, Mac lan Duinn, his wife Mary Nicolson and their three year old son, John, lain Beag Donn. (1855) and settled in Whitton
  • Donald Murray, Mac lan Duinn, a brother of John, who later married his cousin Margaret, Mairead Dhomhnall Duinn. (1855) and settled in Whitton)
  • Donald Murray, Domhnall Donn, a brother of Margaret, his wife Kate Mackenzie and children Murdo, Angus, John and Anne. He was known as Domhnall na Gualainn (Donald of the Shoulder). (1853) and settled in Hampden
  • Norman Morrison, wife and family. (1851) and sttled in Lingwick

Donald, John and Angus Murray, the sons of Angus Murray, who farmed Glen Tolsta, before the Macmillans arrived in 1843 emigrated in 1852. Donald later went to Australia, and called his homestead in the bush, "Tolsta". They left from crofts 6 and 11 and settled in Huron, Bruce County

  • Norman Murray emigrated in 1852 and later married Mary Macdonald and settled in Huron, Bruce County
  • Neil Smith and wife Christina Campbell and family emigrated in 1855 and settled in Bruce, Bruce County
  • Donald Macsween 3a Tolsta and family emigrated to Canada in 1853