Local History

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The Society has been researching a number of historical projects which are of interest both locally and further afield. A number of specific areas have been researched to date such as crofting, fisheries, cemetery, bàrdachd, genealogy, sport, and education. Efforts are on-going to create a comprehensive catalogue of work across many fields and preserve local knowledge for posterity.


Key projects completed, under development or planned are:-

The Environment 

The society intends to establish a number of walks in and around Tolsta, which would be of interest to locals and visitors from a historical, environmental and wildlife perspective.

Many will be aware that there is an existing walk from Garry Bridge to Skigersta in Ness which is one of the Western Isles Walks, but a new series of component walks from Glen Tolsta to Giordail, Giordail Beach, Tolsta Head, and the Tràigh Mhòr (Tealair to Abhainn Lìdh) would effectively establish a walk from Glen Tolsta to Ness.

These walks have stunning coastal scenery with high cliffs and stacks, caves and natural arches, a blowhole, numerous small beaches and potential picnic areas. Tolsta Head in particular has a varied plant and wildlife with many species of birds. A unique geological site in Tolsta Head has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest by Scottish Natural Heritage.

The markers for the walk round Tolsta Head are now in place and the Historical Society recently published a pamphlet to accompany this walk.