About North Tolsta Historical Society

Tolsta is a crofting township some 14 miles from Stornoway,the main town on the Isle of Lewis, part of the Western Isles or Outer Hebrides, off the north west coast of Scotland.

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Local History

The Society has been researching a number of historical projects which are of interest both locally and further afield. A number of specific areas have been researched to date such as crofting, fisheries, cemetery, bàrdachd, genealogy, sport, and education. Efforts are on-going to create a comprehensive catalogue of work across many fields and preserve local knowledge for posterity.

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Quick Facts about North Tolsta

Facts you may not know about Tolsta

  • Tolsta, or Tolastadh in Scots Gaelic, is a Norse word meaning Tholf's farm
  • The first recorded mention of Tolsta was in 1590 when it appeared as Tolestaff
  • The village was highlighted in Martin Martin's book, A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland (1695)

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Clachan Criche


The book is available in paperback format from local outlets in Lewis. Alternatively, you can order it the Comann Eachdraidh. The price is £10 plus £1 postage and packaging. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and further arrangements can be made.

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