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Tolsta is a crofting township some 14 miles from Stornoway,the main town on the Isle of Lewis, part of the Western Isles or Outer Hebrides, off the north west coast of Scotland.

The village has a population of approximately 500. From Stornoway take the B895. The Historical Society is based in the former Schoolhouse.

About North Tolsta Historical Society (Comann Eachdraidh Tholastaidh Bho Thuath)

North Tolsta Historical Society is a non-profit organisation, financed by grants, donations and fund raising activities, and supported by a volunteer committee. We currently have a membership of over 300.

Set up in the early 1980s, the society was formally re-established in October 1999 after some fifteen years in abeyance. The official relaunch took place at the Tolsta Community Centre, on 2nd June, 2000. The guest speakers were Alasdair Morrison, the then Member of the Scottish Parliament, and Annie Macsween, Head of the Gaelic Department at Lews Castle College, Stornoway.

Since reforming, the society has secured funds to establish fully equipped premises which is their working base as well as a drop-in centre for other community groups, and has initiated a number of community activities, exhibitions and projects which are in the community interest.

Since 2001 we have also produced Seanchas, a part historical and contemporary publication, which has been well received by locals and exiles.

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